S&P Dow Jones Indices offers a wide range of sophisticated, off-the-shelf solutions designed to balance risk and return through the convenience of a single index.

Why Multi-Asset?

Our multi-asset indices are designed to track strategies that address specific investor goals including:

Balancing equities with bonds may result in added income potential.
Managing Volatility
Risk control overlays allow indices to dynamically rebalance to maintain a target volatility level using cash, Treasuries, or synthetic put positions.
Absolute Return
Diversification and precise balancing among multiple asset classes can align with strategies seeking to achieve positive returns across market environments.
Inflation Hedging
The performance of commodities and TIPS may correlate with increases in inflation, making them potential inflation hedges when added to equities or bonds.
Total-portfolio solutions rebalance automatically based on expected retirement date.

We understand that investors often aren’t choosing between different asset classes—they’re looking to combine them efficiently to meet their objectives.

Sustainability Outcomes
It’s now possible to express ESG viewpoints across equities, bonds, and more.

In the Spotlight: Retirement Solutions



    The S&P MAESTRO 5 index is a diversified, multi-asset and multi-factor risk parity strategy designed to provide downside protection and upside potential through a wide range of market conditions. Its rules-based, dynamic methodology aims to allocate risk equally among its diverse mix of equities, fixed income, commodities, and VIX® futures.

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  • S&P 500 Managed Risk 2.0 Indices

    S&P 500 Managed Risk 2.0 Indices

    For decades, managed risk approaches relied on hard-to-understand derivative and option strategies to mitigate risk without sacrificing potential gains. The S&P 500 Managed Risk 2.0 Indices make managed risk strategies accessible to a wider range of market participants using a rules-based synthetic option overlay that shifts the proportions of equities and long- and short-term fixed income reserve assets in the index based on fluctuations in volatility.

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  • S&P STRIDE Indices

    S&P STRIDE Indices

    Zeroing in on retirement, the S&P STRIDE Indices are designed to represent life-cycle strategies that transition from accumulation to retirement by incorporating a changing mix of equities, fixed income, and TIPS. The indices seek to reduce the impact of market, inflation, interest rate, and sequencing risks on retirement consumption.

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